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Watchwoman:The vast majority of people do not know they will NOT be attending a real church tomorrow morning, Sunday, for most Christians, when they pile the scrubbed kids into their family car, head for the parking lot, and then walk up the center isle, get seated in a pew, threaten the children to behave, and begin to sing songs of worship and praise, listen to the pastors’ homilies and messages, partake of Holy Communion, give their tithes and offerings, sing a closing hymn and benediction and then be dismissed by the pastor.  In fact, I am speaking of ALL the major denominations, including all the Catholic churches, Roman and Orthodox, and all registered Protestant churches of all major denominations, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, United Church of Christ, and that includes all non-denominational registered churches of any religious affiliation — — — IF– — — the church or denomination is registered under the 501 (c)(3).  How do you know if your church is registered under the 501 (c)(3)?  The simplest way to know is, are you allowed to deduct your tithe and contributions that you make every Sunday on your I.R.S. tax form?  If you are, then your church is registered with the I.R.S. under the 501 (c)(3).  — — — AND — — — unfortunately, you are not attending a church.  You are attending a government controlled corporation that serves the State, not Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is NOT the Head of your church, currently Obama and his administration is the head, under the auspices of the I.R.S.  And you’re under the governor of your state.  Don’t think so?  Well, you’re in for a shock!!!  Read on!!!  ▬ Donna Calvin

P.S. – Don’t believe this post?  Then ask your pastor. He should know and if he doesn’t, well, he better learn quickly because he could get in a whole lot of trouble for not knowing.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Now if this upsets you (and it should) and you want to learn how to make Jesus Christ, not the government (whether it be Obama and possibly Mitt Romney after January, 2013) then go to and contact Pastor Ernie Sanders for information how to UN-register your church and keep your church property.




When the Church of Jesus Christ signs up for the 501(c)(3) IRS tax exemption, they have joined into a covenant with the federal and state governments that supersedes the NEW COVENANT with Jesus Christ. By giving up their right to be a non-taxable Church under IRS section 508(c)(1)(a), the Church has declared themselves to be a nonprofit corporation instead of a real NEW TESTAMENT Church. As a registered entity created by the “state” laws of the “state” supersede the laws of God. The following is a list of things that a registered incorporated church is obliged to do:




  1. The corporate church is a creation of the state rather than the true Biblical church under the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. The state legitimizes the church not Jesus Christ.
  3. The church is to be run on the basis of corporate bylaws not the Word Of God.
  4. The church is obligated to bow to the jurisdiction of the state in all matters of a corporate nature.
  5. Robert’s Rule of Order takes precedence over the Word of God.
  6. The church is not considered a faith-based operation by the state and federal governments.




  1. The church is subject to the right of eminent domain (the state seizing your property).
  2. All church assets (real and personnel) are assets of the state.
  3. The church is obligated to choose trustees to represent the state in the protection of the state’s property.
  4. The church must ask permission through zoning laws to carry out the Great Commission.
  5. The church must admit that it is a business in order to be zoned commercially. .
  6. The church must bow to the state concerning the amount of money it will spend on land and buildings via permits, state-approved plans, handicap demands, etc.
  7. Church building safety is under the control of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
  8. The church is subject to the occupancy of parking limits.




  1. The members (stock holders) elect the trustees (Board of Directors) who, in turn, hire the Pastor (CEO). The Pastor is an employee of the corporation, not the under shepherd in the Church of Jesus Christ.
  2. The trustees are held personally liable for the activities of the church.
  3. The chairman of the Board of Trustees takes precedence over the Pastor.
  4. The church is obligated to have regular business meetings for its members. .
  5. The church is subject to government regulations on its officers, internal affairs, etc.
  6. Pastors and missionaries of the church are considered self employed rather than being ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ.




  1. The church is tax exempt as a privilege granted by the state rather than being nontaxable as a God given right basis on the. Bible and the first Amendment of the US Constitution.
  2. The church must keep financial and other books and records for the state and federal governments (IRS).
  3. The church must have a regular financial audit to the satisfaction of the state and federal governments.
  4. The church must submit its records to the state at anytime the state desires.
  5. The church is subject to state securities commission regarding state financing regulations.
  6. The church cannot get a band account unless you have a federal ID number.



  1. The church collects and remits federal withholding tax from their employees. (unless exempted)
  2. The church collects and remits FICA withholding tax from their employees.
  3. The church collects and remits state withholding tax  from their employees.
  4. The church pays federal unemployment tax.
  5. The church pays state unemployment tax.
  6. The church must collect withholding taxes on love offerings for evangelists and missionaries or file a form 1099.
  7. The church is subject to state and local laws regarding the collection of sales taxes on books, school textbooks, etc.
  8. The church may receive subsidies as tax deductible gifts which violates scripture.




  1. The Child Protection Agency has the authority to take children from church property.
  2. The church is open for garnishment of employee wages.
  3. The church is required to have equal pay for equal work. (EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Act)
  4. The church is required to pay federal minimum wages to their employees.
  5. The church school is subject to the federal and state accreditation laws.
  6. The church school is subject to private school reporting forms.
  7. The church is subject to the same licensing laws for Sunday school.
  8. The church must use only state licensed Sunday school teachers. (future)
  9. The church is subject to Sunday school reporting forms. (future)
  10. The church is subject to daycare licensing laws.
  11. The church is subject to daycare regulations and inspections.
  12. The church must use only state approved “employees” in their daycare centers.
  13. The church must use only state approved bus workers when working with children. (future)
  14. The church is subject to governmental bus regulations concerning color, commercial chauffeurs license and passenger limits among other things.
  15. The church is under the control of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) which does such things as unionize employees. (future)



  1. The church is subject to tort lawsuits regarding a whole series of things such as counseling, brainwashing, coercion, etc.
  2. The church is subject to local laws regulating “charitable solicitations.”
  3. The. church is subject to ethnic intimidation laws (Genocide Treaty) regarding verbal (sermons) attacks on a person based upon race, religious heritage, sexual preference (sodomy), or mental (preaching against a particular sin), or physical disability. A preacher could be prosecuted on a charge of battery, assault or intimidation. The church trustees could be sued in civil court.
  4. The church could not be sued for discrimination of women in civil court under the Civil Rights Act for doing such things as not ordaining women as pastors.



  1. The church must preach public policy instead of the Gospel of Christ.
  2. The church cannot preach against politicians.
  3. The church must comply with all federal election laws.




  1. The church is subject to the state health department in the preparation of food for church functions both on and off of the premises.
  2. The church is subject to state and local laws on any church activity involving vendor licenses for fund raising on church property.
  3. The church is also subject to all other regulations of the federal Civil Rights Act.
  4. The church is also subject to all other regulations of the state Civil Rights Act.
  5. The church is subject to government regulations for the handicapped even in older buildings.
  6. The church is subject to government regulations for special treatment of senior citizens.
  7. The church is subject to the state fire marshal.
  8. The church, in several states, must give a federal ID number to transfer a car title, registration and license tags.



Every current law and every new law passed in the future will have authority over the Word of God!





Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, June 02, 2012


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