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The Real War on Women is Murdering 163 million baby girls!

Watchwoman: I’m sure I’ll be getting comments about how GENDERCIDE doesn’t occur in the USA. – – – Sooooooooooooooo – – – Read this article from Steven Birn’s Blog — and then watch 2 videos from Live Action, Protect our Girls, with the proof that baby girls are murdered just because they are female! Tell me that the ungodly, un-Christian, anti-life Obaminator POTUS, the vast majority of all his appointments in his administration, and just about every Democrat in office today, plus the 7 hateful, traitorous RINO’s who voted against the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA) H.R. 3541, aren’t aiding and abetting the real war on women!  What war doesn’t involve killing?  ▬ Donna Calvin



Ron Paul, Obama, Planned Parenthood Support Gendercide

by Steven

The group Live Action has produced a couple of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood outlets in New York City and Texas providing aid and advice to women alleging that they want to abort their babies because they’re girls. So-called gendercide is a major problem in countries like China which has the infamous one child policy. Boys are preferred to girls, so the girls get aborted. It’s becoming an increasing problem here in the United States. Planned Parenthood claims to be against gendercide, yet their employees are handing out advice and support to women who seek to kill their unborn baby girl. Talk about a war on women.

This week the House had the opportunity to vote on a bill that would outlaw gendercide. Not surprisingly Planned Parenthood opposed it. Equally unsurprising President Obama opposed the bill. Considering Obama as a state senator voted against a bill that would protect aborted babies who are born alive, it should surprise no one that Obama opposes a bill outlawing gendercide. In typical lock step, most Democrats oppose the gendercide law. These people want to whine about a war on women but they won’t vote for a law banning the murder of a baby girl because she’s a girl. The left loves abortion more than feminism it seems.

What is surprising is that Ron Paul voted against the bill, as did my Congressman, a Paul sycophant, Justin Amash. Paul alleges to be pro-life, yet he’s one of only seven Republicans to vote against a bill outlawing gendercide. He has a big, long winded claim that this is unconstitutional. He’s simply wrong. It is not unconstitutional for the Federal government to outlaw sex specific abortions. There is no clause preventing it. Yet the ideological libertarian rears his ugly head to vote against a bill that would protect unborn girls. Ron Paul is more libertarian than pro-life. Let’s be perfectly honest, the consistent libertarian position isn’t pro-life. Paul is simply behaving as a consistent libertarian.

It is exactly this situation that caused me to oppose Ron Paul. He makes these claims of pro-life to Christian audiences to get our votes yet his voting record and his on the record comments to non-Christian groups suggests he isn’t pr0-life, he’s simply a consistent secular libertarian. He votes against the gendercide bill, he says that banning the morning after baby killing pill is an “unenforcable legislation of morality.” He says he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman to one audience, to the next he says it’s a state issue.

Morality isn’t a state issue. Killing babies isn’t a state issue if that means that it’s morally acceptable in to kill them in New York but not in Wyoming. The libertarianism of Ron Paul is nothing more than moral relativism cloaked in the language of freedom and liberty. The truth though is that apart from God, there is no freedom or liberty. The secular libertarianism of Ron Paul gives us votes in Congress against banning the murder of baby girls because they’re baby girls. Paul isn’t pro-life, his libertarian ideology prevents it.

Abortion is evil, immoral and unethical. It always results in the death of an innocent human being. That we as a nation allow it is a disgrace. That we cannot even bring ourselves to outlaw the killing of a baby girl because she’s a baby girl and not a baby boy shows the level of depravity our nation has fallen to. It surprises no one that Planned Parenthood, Obama and the Democrats have fallen to this level of depravity. But that Mr. Christian, pro-life Ron Paul has will surprise a lot of people. But it won’t surprise those of us who understand that Paul is nothing but a libertarian ideologue and that precludes him from being truly pro-life.

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Sex-Selection in America: Part 2 – Undercover in NYC
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Sex-Selection in America: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas
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Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, June 02, 2012


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