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In Memory of Jeffrey A. Ziegler, Graduated into the Lord's Kingdom, February 28, 2012

Remembering Jeffrey A. Ziegler

February 28, 2012

I am grieved to write that Jeff Ziegler, President of The Continental Group, died today while working in Columbus, Ohio.

I have almost no details, but when I hear more, I will share them with you.

Jeff was a friend who taught the home group my family and I were members of several years ago associated with Shiloh Christian Church that we all were attending with Jeff.

Jeff was involved in a number of ministries, including Statesman Global Initiatives.

He authored the book, “Republic Restored – Faith, Fidelity, and Action” and is available at

I have posted Jeff’s articles at Watchwoman on the Wall
The Loving Choice? – Watchwoman on the Wall

Jeff was a strong pro-life advocate.

Please pray for his family.

Yours in Christ,
Donna Calvin
Watchwoman on the Wall
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