Via Media

I don’t know about you, but one of effects of childbirth on me was a compulsion to spill the details. All of them.

The whole thing was fascinating to me, so of course I assumed everyone else should be fascinated as well in the recounting of every minute of labor, describing the intensity of discomfort or pain and the aftermath. Or afterbirth, I should say. I wanted to tell the story again and again..whether or not anyone was interested.

This past month, that kind of compulsion has returned.

Many thanks for the kind comments so far. I am a little shaky on my feet here, which surprises me. I am not sure why. I am conscious of trying to strike the right balance. And, in other news that will surprise no one, what is most on my mind and in my heart is not bloggable. At least not 100% of the time.

As promised, let us begin – let us really begin with an old favorite (of mine at least) – What Did You See and Hear?

Let’s explain for the newbies:

I’m changing blogging gears.

Patience please, people. Life changes, right?

Here you go – visit early and often, and bring your smart, insightful and sensible comments along…please!

Well, here we go again. Again.

I should probably give a prize to those who have been reading my blogs since 2001 – you certainly deserve it.

Yes, that’s “blogs.” In Between Naps, Open Book, Charlotte Was Both and now, in selling out to both The Man and the requirement, resolutely ignored before, to name a spiritually-oriented blog with a Latin phrase, I give you Via Media.

Here’s the story.