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The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has used some of the money it received last year for Hurricane Katrina relief to help send more than 100 youth and chaperones to spend their spring break working to rebuild Biloxi, MS. Katie Berger (a […]

…to that guy who goes to the Saturday Mass at Queen of Peace in Gainesville. I think he just won something…

Georgette is the reader who passed on the Wiki post earlier: go check out her blog! The rambling thoughts on culture, the Church, and life within this galaxy, as seen through the eyes of a Catholic mom, wife and architect, […]

A man named Joe Gill is in the midst of a 40-day water fast. Why? There is a forty day day fast on water only underway now, this Lent, at Notre Dame University, as a response to the university’s blatant […]

There’s a new issue of this fine journal online. Many good stories, poems and essays, including this one on the "Moral and Legal Obligations of Catholic Judges"

…at what a single blue M& M can do to a baby’s face. And hands. And chest. It actually made me wonder…all that in one tiny candy? What power does it have on our insides if it only takes one […]

…kill the children you created. It is not lost on Mr. Davis how the passion of the Christian right in its effort to abolish abortion and curtail access to birth control now mirrors the efforts of clergy members 40 years […]

Bishop Murphy of Rockville Center, in Newsday One of the great losses in our country has been the diminishing number of "intermediate institutions," including church agencies and others in our communities. The government, especially the federal government, has tended to […]

Check out this book edited by Erika Bachiochi, and published by Encounter Books We are now more than thirty years away from the Supreme Court case of Roe vs Wade, yet the controversy over abortion has not diminished. Although the […]

She’s had a very busy week, and has fantastic photos – read this post as an intro, then go back to the main page and enjoy: It was a week in which, as one of our house members said, "I […]