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on The Da Vinci Code…from Godspy.

From a reader: Yes, it does exist! It is called WikiKto. And the author stresses the capital K in the name because it is Catholic. (Um, I think something got lost in the English translation.) And I think this could […]

Yup – it’s Mike Aquilina, who’s just started a blog that will focus on the early Church Fathers. Also check out Singing in the Reign, the blog of Michael Barber, a Biblical scholar and host of an EWTN radio show. […]

Read Fr. Jim Martin’s book in the car on the way down (yes, we are in an undisclosed locations somewhere south of Cincinnati). It’s just what the title indicates – an account of the saints who have impacted Fr. Martin’s […]

This article isn’t brand new, and it involves accusations made in lawsuits, but even what Kinkade, artistic cash cow of Christian bookstores and such,  admits, on one hand, and doesn’t deny, on the other, is fascinating. The lawsuits concern business […]

A reader passes this on, from the Catholic Times (a Canadian diocesan paper? …the Canadian Catholic paper? I don’t know..), in regard to the letter sent to the Canadian bishops blogged here. Fr Luc Lantagne, SDB, superior of the Salesians […]