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An auxiliary bishop from Iraq speaks: Baghdad’s Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Abouna has given his bleakest assessment yet of the situation in Iraq, speaking of the despair that is driving more and more Christians to leave the country. Describing a worsening […]

Blogged on here several times before, the German documentary about the Carthusian monastery – today, Sandro Magister writes about it. By coincidence, at the same time as the film is coming to the Italian theatres, there is growing attention to […]

Jay Nordlinger reports on a report: There is a horrifying story going around the world: In the northeast of China, thousands of prisoners are being held, so that they can be killed for their organs. The prisoners are practitioners of […]

Today in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received a group of representatives from the European parliamentary group of the Popular Party on the occasion of the Study Days on Europe, an initiative organized by the group. What he said, in part: […]

An analysis at AsiaNews: The time has come for a choice. If there is incompatibility between human rights and the rights set out in the Koran, then – I’m sorry to say – the Koran must be condemned; or else […]

The new cardinal says he’s going to try: Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, Archbishop of Seoul and Apostolic Administrator of Pyongyang, has said he will “do everything possible” to have Korea host the next World Youth Day (WYD), “one of the […]

Is it "theocracy" when a public high school announces that its planned post-prom event (designed to keep the kids in control and out of hotel-room drinking parties) is centered on having the kids attend a late-night showing of The Da […]

Damon Linker, the author of the New Republic "review" of Neuhaus’ latest book, which is less a review than his own analysis of the Neuhaus Agenda, has made his appearance on a thread on this blog, and we’re happy to […]

In Italy. Theocons! Oh, sorry. Anyway, this is a piece via the BBC. Interesting notes about life issues and religion being used on all sides. And then there’s this: When you arrive at Rome’s Termini Station you are greeted by […]

Spokane diocese, that is. Sort of: I’m very concerned, obviously, about the fact that frankly every month this debtor goes further and further in the hole in terms of cash," U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Patricia Williams said during a hearing this […]