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A Catholic News Service article on big crowds in Rome: According to the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, more than 2.8 million people attended the weekly general audiences, the Sunday blessings, special papal audiences or liturgical celebrations at which Pope […]

Is it possible that all of this Benedict – restoring European energy and vitality historical analogy stuff has some traction? A piece in the Weekly Standard suggests…maybe? But even more pregnant with possible significance is Italy’s sudden surge in new […]

Here are a couple of links of interest: This is an excellent site, not just on Roman antiquity, but also featuring a major section on churches in other parts of Italy Really nice 360 panorama shots of some sights in […]

Gerald at "The Cafteria is Closed" has a good post, commenting on George Will’s recent column on the subject: Immigration in the past basically meant showing up at America’s shores. Nowadays it is a bureaucratic nightmare that could use streamlining, […]