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Tells it like it is: I am not habitually speechless, but I find myself almost tongue-tied at the number of sane and intelligent people who take seriously the claims of the popular novel, The Da Vinci Code. Discounting the self-deluded […]

Fr. Jim Tucker on the reaction to this week’s announcements: I think it’s totally disproportionate and exaggerated that out of the mountain of emails I’ve received on the Diocese’s two new permissions, almost all of them have to do with […]

Andrew Greeley: The Bernardin reforms have worked quite well for the last decade and a half and have been imitated in many other dioceses. The problem is not with the reforms but with the clerical culture that permeates the archdiocese’s […]

John Allen reports. Nothing from today, but some tidbits: Benedict listened attentively, and at the end of the day offered a brief summary of the discussion. The pope is known for his capacity to absorb information and synthesize it rapidly, […]

"New setup could make Catholic League even tougher." Whoa! Donohue on ‘roids? What? No, not that one.

Gashwin Gomes on consistories and other manifestations: I know there are many who look askance at all of this. Too triumphalistic. Too ritualistic. Too anachronistic. I cannot disagree more. This – the ceremonies, the rituals, the whole darned range of […]

On Sunday, Benedict will visit a parish church located on the outskirts of Rome, one of 50 new parish churches built in the diocese for the Jubilee. It’s Church Dio Padre Misericordioso . Today, Sandro Magister wonders what the Pope […]

Weirdness Here’s the thing: I can’t decide if it’s sincere, an ironic riff, or even a trick of sorts to see if pro-lifers will go to bat to faun over something strange, invasive and rather stalker-ish.

You can expect a rush of articles over the next month noting the year that’s passed since John Paul II’s death and the election of Benedict XVI. John Thavis gets us rolling with this CNS piece today: He has urged […]

.I"ll try to remember this: So it turns out that roof of the Bernini colonnade is, indeed, a wi-fi hotspot, I suppose because it’s often used by media covering Vatican events.(Note to self: travel with extra batteries!) Here I am, […]