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January 1, 1970 Archives

Elizabeth Lev on two new exhibits in Rome, one at the Vatican Museums: This first Christian Museum, containing more than 1,000 items, was displayed in exquisite custom-made walnut cabinets bearing the papal crest of Benedict XIV. Following the fashion of […]

From Catholic News Agency: According to CNA’s sources in the Vatican one of today’s main topics of conversation surrounded the possibility of lifting the excommunication on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the four bishops ordained by him before his death. Their […]

And whose bike is it? Click for credit, and to find the answer. All via, American Papist, who’s bringing it all together. Remember, you can watch the Consistory (which is not a Mass – that will be the next day) […]

Many were surprised when the Pope announced his plan to liveblog the meeting: Caltholic Press Photo