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January 1, 1970 Archives

Catholic schools have been subject to a series of attacks.

The Little SIsters of the Poor undertook the difficult task of moving their nursing home residents from NO to Baton Rouge Seminarians caring for sick and elderly who came to St. Joseph’s in Covington (btw that’s where Walker Percy is […]

I think this one makes 8 languages into which De-Coding’s been translated. Serbian. Yup. Haven’t seen it, but I just got a note from a journalist in Montenegro, asking for an interview. So, since my book is in both Croatian […]

Today, Benedict used Psalm 126 as the ocassion to reflect on the blessing of children. The full text is here, only in Italian at this point (Zenit will have it up later, I’m sure), and here’s the English snippet they […]

Is Raymond Arroyo of EWTN. Last night, he was interviewed by Aaron Brown on CNN: Last week, Raymond Arroyo had a home, a flourishing family restaurant in New Orleans and a brand new baby girl. Today his daughter is 14 […]

This is what I meant by what the human beings can do to an already distressed, terminal city

A Knight-Ridder wire story on what’s gone from the Mississippi coastline now…