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Please go read this blog of a young mother who is fighting cancer with an astonishing spirit and awesome strength. People often personify cancer, and after yesterday I completely understood why. Cancer is like an obnoxious person at a party […]

From the Times UK: In 2002 Hung-Ching Liu, at Cornell University, in the United States, announced that her team had successfully grown a sample of cells from the lining of a human uterus and had used tissue engineering technologies to […]

The Christ-Haunted blogger notes an odd course at a Buddhist "university."

I’m a firm believer in David Scott’s ethos of "I am the worst liturgical abuse at any Mass," a conviction also expressed by my husband in his books, but this note from commentor Toni was too, er..good to resist. If […]

A reader sends along this link to a WaPo story on state regulation of abortion and comments: In the print edition, this was on the front page of the Post, below the fold.  What I find most amazing about it […]

From Time: The yoga teacher sits in a lotus position atop a polished wooden platform. Behind her, verdant woods are visible through panoramic windows. Gentle music tinkles from overhead speakers. Two dozen students in spandex outfits, most of them women, […]

I’m going to clean out my email box now, since I’m too uptight to sleep. So here goes. First, a question from a reader: My daughter thinks she is a charismatic Catholic girl, but with her boyfriend has taken to […]

Here’s one good list of relief agencies. More here.

Frequent commentor James sends this: From an emergency notice put on the TV station’s web site, which mirrors a bulletin they just had on TV (I’m watching online): ****ALL RESIDENTS ON THE EAST BANK OF ORLEANS AND JEFFERSON REMAINING IN […]

Here’s a good graphic of the levee system in N.O.