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The Army is investigating a Roman Catholic military chaplain on multiple charges of forcible sodomy and assault.

Blessing taxis in SF

That’s the report Pope Benedict XVI held a meeting at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo with Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, a strident critic of Islam, Vatican sources confirmed. The 76-year-old writer, who describes herself as an atheist Christian and […]

Some good, some bad… Mark Shea has finished his book and Secret Agent Man vouches for it Domenico Bettinelli is going to be the new editor-in-chief of Catholic World Report The bad news: Karen Marie Knapp of From the Anchor […]

The topic comes up here now and again. Here’s an Amazon Listmania list of some titles…

This is really fascinating turn of events from the Diocese of Fargo. The link requires registration, but I’ll summarize and quote. In 1999, a laywoman, a secretary in the diocesan office, became pregnant outside of marriage. She was fired. (The […]

Chaldean bishop cautiously optimistic, but with questions Paul Marshall of Freedom House is a bit more concerned: Another concern is Article 39, dealing with personal status—marriage, custody, alimony, and inheritance: "Iraqis are free in the adherence to their personal status […]

…that Fr. Richard McBrien is the hired gun consulant on the DVC movie. Perhaps it’s a natural step for him, who can say? Nevertheless, news of his work was published in the Notre Dame magazine last spring. Letters ensue: (scroll […]

A town-by-town assessment of damage along the MS coast.. Katrina Help Wiki – lots of links to news and opportunities to help.

There’s an interview with David Scott up over at Godspy. Many good points, including this one: Reading your book, the beauty and richness of the faith comes across clearly. But in the daily experience of many Catholics, the experience of […]