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I think it was Wednesday, when I dropped Joseph off at school, I felt this surge of guilt. You have just started a little boy, I thought, on the beginnings of a 14-year prison term. Good for you. (Yeah, homeschooling. […]

From an Australian television station, ultrasound record of a "foetal cry" – an unborn baby reacting to audio stimulus with what certainly looks like…crying. Via Off the Record

I finally finished reading this book, while waiting at the DMV or whatever they call it here (I actually don’t mind experiences like that – the DMV is the great leveler. Everyone’s there, because you can’t have your nanny go […]

…and their money. Planned Parenthood made sweetheart deal with RU-486  morning after-pill manufacturer? (My bad on the original post. Sorry!)

Some of the other RC blogs are abuzz with the meeting, scheduled for Monday, between Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the Fraternity of the Society of St. Pius X. Rocco Palmo has questions for those who […]

From Chiesa, but not by Magister, a litte more theological…but still excellent: Gently, but firmly, Benedict XVI unveiled, there upon the heights of the hillside of Marienfeld, the convergence of a series of essential symbols within the host – a […]

An excellent Christianity Today profile of Nina Shea, of the the Center for Religous Freedom, tireless and heroic fighter for human rights and religious freedom. In Haiti, Shea met a Dutch priest and former classics professor who was starting schools […]

For the new bishop of the Antiochean Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Born in Indiana and raised a Roman Catholic, His Grace Mark Maymon is the first convert to be elevated to the rank of bishop in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese […]

I would tell y’all that I’m going to go out and get my driver’s license renewed.. ..but now I’m sort of afraid to…

A general report on Benedict at WYD An editorial: It was by undertaking a spiritual journey towards Jesus Christ – he used repeatedly the metaphor of the Three Magi, whose relics are said to lie in Cologne Cathedral – that […]