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January 1, 1970 Archives

John Allen’s Word from Rome is up From one large gathering to the next – last week it was WYD, this week, Allen reports extensively on the annual meeting of Communion and LIberation in Rimini – quite interesting. Communion and […]

Rich Leonardi of 10 Reasons is 2 for 2 – has an op-ed in the Cincy paper, and a letter in the WSJ today!

Jim Manney of the Catholic book publishing blog People of the Book sends along this link to an All Things Considered piece on a band called The Hold Steady, rockers with music dense with pop culture and Catholic and Biblical […]

Argentine bishop resigns in light of sex tape; claims he was set up. The scandal broke over the weekend with newspaper reports that the Vatican had received a copy of a videotape showing Juan Carlos Maccarone, 64, the bishop of […]

I always like to learn new things. In this article, I learned that the Eritrean Orthodox community in Minneapolis-St. Paul is about to lose its home in a now unused RC Church (because it will probably be sold to the […]

Interesting little piece by Alan Wolfe in today’s WSJ about Rick Warren’s Rwanda effort. As he should, Wolfe gives full and admiring props to the project. But: My single greatest fear is that Mr. Warren and his followers will draw […]