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If anyone wants to have me come speak in New York between October and February…thanks! Or, I could just try to be a lot less self-indulgent and just a bit holier,  like the POD Dominicans…

The parents who were told by a judge they couldn’t share their Wicca religion with their son received a different decision this week: The court declared that a Marion County judge erred in approving a divorce decree last year that […]

Fetal tissues heals burns.. One fetus could theoretically provide material for hundreds or thousands of burn victims, although Hohlfeld said he suspected that would not remove some people’s objections to the use of tissue from an aborted fetus. Some people. […]

What Catholic agencies are doing

This one from a German public broadcaster. TV? Radio? I dunno. Thank goodness the next one’s in Australia. Some nice photos. And if anyone can tell me what the albed and bishop-type people are doing with their arms on that […]

Please go check out this blog from a Catholic high school teacher who comments here, but is blogging anonymously in case her students ever try to Google her, which is highly likely. It’s very funny – she’s really an excellent […]

John Allen files the first of his reports as well as a correspondent’s notebook: Yet among some of the American delegates, there was evidence Thursday that Benedict XVI’s call to a full-bodied, unapologetic version of Catholicism resonated. "As Joseph Cardinal […]

A different sort of New York story: In an incredible act of forgiveness, the Long Island woman whose face was shattered when a 20-pound turkey was thrown through her windshield came face-to-face yesterday with the prankster who did it — […]

Jonah Goldberg asks: Why shouldn’t the Catholic Church bring back its army? Hold on, hold on. I’m serious — at least insofar as I’m seriously asking the question. I’m not saying they should use an army for crusades for new […]

Tim Drake continues to report (how is he doing this? Some handheld wireless thingy?) Rocco’s got the goods on the Pope’s entourage in Cologne Live, unfiltered feed from Vatican TV – no commentary, just visuals And, to get another view, […]