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Come back to the post during the day as I post the texts of various talks today. If you find a link before I get back, please post! The Pope’s address at the Cologne Airport The Pope’s address on the […]

Go to the EWTN site for live streaming coverage He looks very happy, surrounded by young people, riding down the river… An account of his opening remarks: "I am happy to be with them, to confirm their faith and to […]

Rich Leonardi has a good piece on CE today about Catholic Updates I was particularly miffed by the July/August Update that Rich mentions – I saw it in our parish and simply could not believe it, although I could very […]

The reports that I’m reading on bloggers who are managing to update indicate that transportation is an enormous problem, as is food (the pilgrims are given tickets which they hand in for meals – apparently the lines are very long […]

Loyola Press has inaugurated a new program called Spirited Talk: Welcome to Please become one of our Loyola Press Advisors. Join our unique online community of people willing to share their thoughts and ideas about Catholic life and faith. […]

An article on the gathering of traditionalist youth at WYD, which includes, as Papabile points out, a Missa Brevis composed in memory of John Paul II by…John Tavener. How fascinating – I’d love to hear that, and I hope Tavener’s […]

From the NY CBS station: In July, the two of them spent five hours together at the White Sands Motel in Amagansett, caught on video by a private eye hired by Laura’s husband. But a source tells CBS 2’s Tony […]

Click on photo for details. Many more photos here. Tim Drake reports.