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So sorry. Couldn’t resist. Click on photos for details. Oh, and in other news, Fr. Georg is up and about and looking hale. Healthy fellows, these Ratzinger boys.

Or rather, the before-he-was-Pope film, on the Hallmark channel? (This is the one that was shown to Benedict and others a couple of months ago). I saw parts of it – it seemed quite good. I particularly enjoyed the LDS […]

Nun protests filming of DVC at Lincoln Cathedral Sister Mary, robed in brown habit and blue veil, told The Times that the central thesis of the book was drawn from an old gnostic heresy that she first became aware of […]

The Roamin’ Roman, on her way to Cologne, was able to visit, along with her group, the home of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati and meet his sister! (Photos at the blog. The sister will be 103 years old in a […]

When you discover that you can sit up, clap and scream all at the same time!

…will be interested in Patrick Brennan’s post at MOJ about the struggle over St. Brigid’s, closed, and now sold to a university and to be used as an arts and community center. Brennan’s perspective is of one involved with the […]

Lots of links below, but I want to draw your attention in particular to Tim Drake who is writing up a storm over there. Lots and lots of good and interesting stuff.

As part of the SF paper’s "Finding my religion" series, they interview former SNL star Julia Sweeney, who has moved from Catholicism to atheism, done a one-woman show about it, and has a book forthcoming It’s an interesting interview, with […]

Because he’s good at nailing things: Ramesh Ponnuru on dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its contemporary conservative apologists: To increase tolerance for "collateral damage" — a move that Boot implicitly raises, though he does not endorse it […]

Katha Pollitt in the Nation, excoriates Feminists for Life because, you know, abortion is necessary for women’s selfhood. If she can live to find a self. NEW DELHI – It’s a scenario that’s hit India straight in the gut. Some […]