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Former OMB director under Bush and now governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels, is under fire for letting Planned Parenthood rent out the governor’s mansion for a party. Thursday evening, the group that advocates for family planning, contraception and abortion rights […]

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio has a helpful, brief introduction to the feast The Pope’s words at the Angelus: On today’s feast of the Assumption, we contemplate the mystery of the passing of Mary from this world to Paradise: we may say […]

I think not, if you’ve not yet read Tom at Donegal Express’s explanation of the real hidden meaning of Harry Potter….

Two weekend posts worth checking out: A "post your story" kind of thread about why you like and appreciate your local parish. My collection of WYD coverage and blogging links, which will be hot-linked over there on the right for […]

Over at Get Relgion, they’ve posted the text of that Kenneth Woodward piece on abortion language and the NYTimes.

At Mirror of Justice, Rick Garnett has good commentary on a piece in the London Times yesterday decrying U.S.-funded anti-abortion efforts in Europe. Women’s groups in Europe [rg:  presumably, "pro-abortion-rights women’s groups] contend that antiabortion positions have been promoted by […]

Some of you might not know that commentor Todd, has a blog, and further, that commentor Neil Dhingra contributes quite interesting posts to that blog: Here, for example, Neil examines the role of a 17th century bishop, especially in the […]

Nice little piece from NCR(eporter) about an encounter on the NY subway. There I was, minding my own business. I was alone in New York City subway car — the F-train, to be specific — reading St. Teresa of Avila’s […]

…of commentors. For you enjoyment, I present to you this web page featuring the art of regular commentor hieronymous. It’s really fascinating stuff..

Fight breaks out at Ohio shrine Fights broke out during the annual Feast of the Assumption pilgrimage in Carey Sunday afternoon at the Our Lady of Consolation Shrine. The religious event is supposed to bring thousands of people together to […]