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Check out this blog from students at the U. of Maryland

Congrats to Matthew Lickona and Mark Gavreau Judge for being touted by George Weigel in his most recent column! Having survived the silly season, Matthew Lickona and Mark Judge have built integral, exciting Catholic lives despite the collapse of intact […]

An interview with the author, Rabbi David Dalin Do you remember how you first became interested in the controversy about Pius XII’s actions during World War II? I’d always heard about Pius XII, but in 2000 . . . I […]

A nice page introducing some favorites An article I wrote about this type of character several years ago – so please don’t complain about broken links within the text. Someday, when my children are grown, I’ll go back through everything […]

This post is for any and all who’ve sought me out based on recent buzzing about the Da Vinci Code movies. I’ll repost it at the top o’ the blog tomorrow night after the Paula Zahn show. …if you’ve gone […]

Well, someone has figured out how to get me on cable news without necessitating a trip to South Bend. I just returned from a local television station where I taped a segment for CNN’s Paula Zahn show that will air […]

Because this deserves it: Cologne Cardinal on WYD, Kung, and others In an in interview on the preparations for World Youth Day, the hosting archbishop, Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne, said the event is a gathering for young people, not […]

From CT, how students from an evangelical high school built a clinic and more.. Eighteen-year-old Lauren Tomasik had a vision. This Wheaton Academy senior wanted to see her Christian high school raise $75,000 to build a medical clinic in Zambia […]

That hell just got cooler. A NYtimes piece on the declared opponent to Hillary Clinton contains forbidden words in the lede: Jeanine F. Pirro, the new Republican challenger for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat, said yesterday that she opposed the […]

The NYDaily News is all over the Clark allegations: A column A profile A news story, with many more details than the measured Times piece I’m not opening comments on this one yet because none of us know anything beyond […]