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We’re naming this as the last day of our 30-day appeal. Please, if you haven’t think about buying one of our books to read yourself or to share with another person, someone in your parish, your pastor, your DRE…. Michael […]

At those top-secret, high-level discussions with Sony, et al, that is. What a bust….10 seconds of my life and living room on the Today screen and totally inaccurate.  Piece said that I was "there" at the discussions – I never […]

Augusta, GA priest in trouble for traveling to Japan to apologize for atomic bombings Fr. Robert Cushing has been relieved of his duties as his Augusta, Ga., parish because of negative backlash resulting from his decision to travel on a […]

The conflict between a priest and his bishop takes another turn: the priest is packed off to a convent and basically suspended The priest and the bishop have been at odds for over a year, with neither one agreeing on […]

Trappist brewery overwhelmed For more than 160 years the Trappist monks at Saint Sixtus monastery in Flanders have been producing a rich, dark-brown, beer renowned for its exceptional flavour and strength. But an unexpected misfortune has befallen this reclusive community […]

A Sun-Times article on last Friday’s Chicago Eucharistic procession.

Fr. Jim is on board with Radley Balko in this op-ed supporting parents who host underage drinking parties.  Fr. Jim says, We should be congratulating these parents, not arresting them. Pardon me, but…what have you been drinking? I don’t believe […]

Here’s a questions for those of you familiar with the DC RC scene. I was wondering about the CUA/Georgetown worlds, and more specifically…ever the twain shall meet? Do these two worlds ever intersect? Do they acknowledge each other? Compete? Complement? […]

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