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Woman charged with murder after refusing Caesarean Much good discussion of this over at HMS Blog.

They’re talking about what Mel Gibson should do with his profits from the Passion Started by Jonah Goldberg, who gives his last word, after much give-and-take: Again, as I said, I take Gibson at his word that he didn’t go […]

Shawn Macomber on the Austin PP boycott and other signs of the times Eventually concrete supplier Ramon Carrasquillo broke the picket line and poured the foundation this January, mostly because his company, Rainbow Materials, Inc. was drowning under $17 million […]

First, on Karl Rahner A high-profile March 4-5 international conference at the Lateran University seemed to subtly conclude that Karl Rahner, a German Jesuit who was perhaps the best-known theologian of the 20th century, was an orthodox Catholic. If you […]

On Tuesday, March 16 at 11:30 a.m. in the Holy See Press Office, there will be a presentation of an international congress on the theme, “Life-sustaining treatments and the vegetative state: Scientific advances and ethical dilemmas,” which will take place […]

Back before the Passion opened you had a post wondering if parishes were ready for it. I think the gist was something along the lines of “if this really starts people thinking about their faith will our churches be ready”. […]

Well, De-Coding Da Vinci is starting to appear on online booksellers. Here’s where we stand: Barnes and Noble Amazon Now, you know that Amazon has this interesting feature where you can recommend books “instead of” or “in addition” to the […]

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A little slowly… Among the 14 accused priests is former Wright State University pastoral minister Ellis Harsham, who left active ministry a decade ago amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Archdiocese officials lost track of Harsham and did not realize until […]

From Slate: How should he position himself? Will America’s Catholic bishops actually do anything about Kerry’s disregard of key church teachings? At minimum, they’ll complain, as will many conservative Catholic and pro-life groups. One of the biggest guns in their […]