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About allegations against Dupre Whether O’Malley knew about Dupre’s alleged misconduct has become an issue because the two launched a campaign against gay marriage after Dupre allegedlly knew he faced abuse allegations, and because O’Malley serves as the regional metropolitan, […]

An interesting article from the Tablet on how Islam might be more mainstreamed in Britain. Written with an eye on the Catholic experience in England, giving credit to government support of religion for the assimiliation – quite a different perspective […]

Not the first time this has happened in recent history. It bugs me. But, ah well. Boston Archdiocese won’t drop abstinence rule for Good Friday Sox opener Opening Day ticket holders at Boston’s Fenway Park this year who are Catholic […]

We looked at this a few weeks ago, but my son passed it on to me, not knowing I’d already read it. It’s been revised and tightened, and is still worth looking at, for I think the anti-Catholicism in it […]

Lots of differing views on the Passion at CT’s Film Forum It seems to me that with each passing day, more and more film critics are publishing opinions on the film that will, eventually, show them up as reactionaries when […]

I’m getting some mail in response to yesterday’s Spectator article reminding me that The Da Vinci Code is only a novel, and not to worry. Well, I address that in my book. First, there’s no such thing as “only a […]