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OK, I was all brewing up a great intermezzo post with a provisional definition of PT, then I got this anonymous comment that blew me away: Practical theology is that theological discipline which is concerned with the Church’s self-actualization here […]

Practical Theology is a self-consciously hermeneutical enterprise. Now, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I think that all of life is, essentially, a hermeneutical endeavor. Each of us is an interpreter, of our surroundings, our […]

Practical theology (PT), as a discipline, takes a great deal of interest in empirical information. In fact, there is an entire school of thinking within PT — found mainly in the Netherlands and Germany — that’s called “Empirical Theology.” Practical […]

Among my most popular posts from my old blog were those on my working definition of practical theology.  As I am engaged in the section of my dissertation in which I establish my version of practical theology, I’ll repost the […]

So, I happened to turn the news on in the middle of the night, and I caught wind of President Obama’s bad joke about bowling being like the Special Olympics. We all now what’s coming: a media onslaught of replays […]

Two announcements this morning: 1) The Emergent Village podcast relaunches with an interview of Daniel Harrell, author of Nature’s Witness. 2) Generate Magazine launches — it’s by and about the emerging church conversation, broadly conceived.

Last week at the Transforming Theology confab, these terms came up again and again.  And, as usual, much frustration was expressed about the lack of meaning in these words. One debate was over the words “liberal” and “progressive.” Some in […]

So, if theologians squared off on a reality show, would a brawl endue, like on America’s Next Top Model?  Probably not. But Jonathan L. Walton (who, I must say, was very impressive at Claremont last week) takes up the challenges […]

In my latest book, The New Christians, I cast Brad Cecil as the unheralded protaganist of the emergent movement .  In many ways, he was.  Coming from an ultra-conservative world of youth evangelism, he volunteer-pastored at a Texas mega-Bible church.  […]

Here’s part two of the video conversation between theologian/philosopher of science, Phillip Clayton, and me.