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The Washlet.  Does it creep you out?  And seriously, how many euphemisms can you use to avoid saying, “This thing shoots hot water up your ass, then dries you.”?

Phillip Clayton and I sat down on Friday night for a conversation about emergence science and emergent church.  Here’s part one of the video: Thanks to videographer Ryan Parker.

Well, my time here at Claremont is just about up. I’m sitting in Mudd Auditorium, listening to the second of two public panels.  Here are my reflections, looking back on the last three days. First, I have to note that […]

Starting Day 3 here at Claremont School of Theology, we’re having panels about whether progressive theology can transform society. 9:26am – Jack Fitzmier, who leads the American Academy of Religion, is intense and challenging.  He says that the right people […]

I’m at the inaugural Transforming Theology gathering: Rekindling Theological Imagination: Transformative Thought for Progressive Action.  Today we’re talking about the church. 9:16am – Harvey Cox, of Harvard, is giving his 5-minute statement.  He thinks there is an epochal shift coming […]

Tonight and tomorrow night there are live, public, free events in Claremont with some of the leading progressive theologians in the world.  And tonight’s event is followed by a TheoPub at which you can sit, have a beer, and talk […]

This week has been a light blogging week.  I even removed a post that I wrote yesterday about this because an emailer told me it was too inflammatory and mean-spirited. But, I’m flying off to SoCal today to participate in […]

Sara weighs in on Original Sin: And now it’s time for a woman’s perspective on “original sin.” Eve, the woman, fell for the snake’s deceit. Eve, the woman, was a deceived transgressor, not Adam (1 Timothy 2:14). Eve, the woman, […]

I’m with Larry: Actually, the mere existence of soccer is proof of total depravity.

Rick brashly flaunts my prohibition: To prove total depravity, I only need to look at the following: 1. NFL officiating, especially when the Steelers involved in the Super Bowl. 2. Terrel Owens picking up a new contract. 3. The 14 […]