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Christian culture’s idea of “rockin'” is as questionable as their definition of the word “best.” Rather than violate your soul with secular music, violate your senses with this! Is God glorified by the Christian-ifying of video games? Christian culture seems to think so.

Christian culture is not having it. They think it’s nice that Catholics believe in God, but that praying to Mary is a big problem.

In early Christianity they had to be sneaky. People drew Jesus fish to symbolize they were Christians because saying so was rather dangerous in ancient Rome. Today the rate of savage religious persecution in north America is at an all-time […]

Christians aren’t the only people who say this, but they make up 93% of the people who do. The remaining 7% are some rogue non-Christians who are unabashed corndogs. In a Christian’s blog profile it’s categorically impossible for the spouse-as-best-friend […]