Stuff Christian Culture Likes

In early Christianity they had to be sneaky. People drew Jesus fish to symbolize they were Christians because saying so was rather dangerous in ancient Rome.

Today the rate of savage religious persecution in north America is at an all-time low, while the Jesus fish enjoys ubiquity on car bumpers. The question is, why? Do they think it’s some sort of advertising? Good thing that car had a Jesus fish so you can tell it was a Christian who just cut you off.

A popular incarnation is the sideways-turned support-the-troops ribbon.
Two birds, one stone!

The Jesus fish frequently appears in tandem with conservative bumper stickers. It very seldom appears alongside a liberal sticker. Sometimes it is even observed to be eating a delicious Darwin fish. (That’ll show them.)

Nom nom nom

Fun fact: If you use the term “Jesus fish” while talking to a Christian, chances are they’ll be
happy to tell you that it’s actually called an ichthus and that it’s spelled ?????.

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