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During tough economic times, many people think they need to sacrifice passion and focus solely on earning money. From a spiritual perspective, this is the exact opposite approach to generating real abundance. Yes — paying your bills takes practical action. But it also requires an internal belief system powered by inspiration and passion. Without an emphasis on passion, it’s likely that no matter how many actions you take, you’ll still wind up feeling stuck.

Neglecting passion blocks creative flow. When you’re passionate, you’re energized. Likewise, when you lack passion, your energy is low and unproductive. Energy is everything when it comes to earning. Quantum physics teaches us that our bodies are made up of subatomic particles that are energy. Your thoughts, attention and focus affect your energy and therefore everything around you, including your bank account. So when you’re thinking only about the mundane to-do lists and practical action steps, you’re lowering your energy and in effect lowering your earning power.

Your life becomes what you think about most. When you focus on following your passion and letting inspiration flow, your energy is raised and your earning capacity is strong. But when you’re uninspired and bogged down by low-level thoughts, your attracting power is weakened.

Now that you have a better understanding of the earning value of passionate, positive energy, it’s time to take it more seriously. Read on for three simple, effective ways you can bring more passion into your life — even if you’re crazy-busy.

Who said your job had to be your only source of passion?

Our culture places such a huge emphasis on our careers that we lose track of our passion projects. But who said your job had to be your only source of passion? A dear friend of mine is a powerful example of balancing passion and career — he works in corporate America but moonlights as a guitar player in a band. Though he spends his weekdays at a desk, he spends his weekends indulging his passion projects such as gigging with his band, writing, drawing and learning about art. Though he dedicates a lot of his time to his career, there is no lack of passion in his life.

The passion of being of service
When we’re of service to the world, we feel inspired and passionate about the work that we do. Perhaps the work you’re doing is service-related — getting clear about the ways in which it serves the world may make you more passionate about it. If that’s not the case with your job, maybe once a month you volunteer for a local charity or find a way to participate in your community or promote bigger causes. Awaken a service mentality. When you serve the world, you serve your soul.

Shift your perception about the way you make money

If you’re hung up about the fact that your primary source of revenue doesn’t come from your true passion, shift your perspective. Be grateful for the work that you have and focus on the good stuff. Find even the smallest part of your work that ignites your passion. Maybe you love interacting with clients or the neighborhood where you work. Maybe you’re learning something new by being on that job. Focus on what you do have and you’ll create more of what you want.

Take these action steps seriously. We all have work to do to support our economy, and if we’re void of passion we won’t have the energy and inspiration to serve. The more passion we ignite in our lives, the higher our earning capacity will be and the more we’ll impact financial growth in our country. When we all raise our thoughts we’ll raise our bank accounts — and greatly serve the world.

By Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of Spirit Junkie, Add More ~ing to Your Life and the forthcoming book May Cause Miracles.
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This is the first video in an interview series called May Cause Miracles, in honor of my forthcoming book. In this series I’ll feature my miracle worker friends and riff on how they live a miraculous life. Today’s interview is with Danielle Laporte.
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In my twelve years as an entrepreneur I’ve come to realize that without my deep passion and desire to serve, I never would have been able to accomplish what I have. A powerful force has been working through me to achieve much success and create a full-on movement.

This force I speak of is within us all—we just have to allow it to come forth.

I believe that if you want to build a successful business based on service, you must be fiercely passionate about your work.

You have the power to awaken to your own passion to create a socially responsible and immensely fulfilling career. You just have to release all that blocks you from believing you can. Jump-start your own shift with these key principles for getting paid for your passion and stepping into your soul-centered career.

The Principles for Passion

One: Be Moved by Your Mission
When we’re inspired by our work, an invisible creative force takes over. Call it God, call it the Universe, call it whatever you wish. This energy force leads us to learning opportunities, supportive people, and miraculous guidance that navigates our career path.

When we invite this presence into our career, we allow inspiration to lead the way. Tap into what inspires you most. Then allow that inspiration to take over your consciousness and show you what to do. This spiritual intervention happens to us all in unique ways. The question is not, “How do I get there?” Rather, ask, “What am I passionate about?” Focus on that passion and trust the Universe will lead the way.

Two: Focus on the WE, Not the ME

I built my business as a spiritual teacher, author and speaker because of my deep desire to create community and engage people in a transformational conversation. I believe that even my Twitter followers can feel my deep desire to serve the larger WE rather than serve my ego’s ME ME ME. I’ve learned that the best way for me to lead is to guide others to lead one another. Whatever your mission, focus on empowering the WE.

Three: Take Inspired Action
Often people begin their careers inspired by a mission only to get bogged down by daily tasks and practical steps that snuff out the spark of passion.

Counteract it by consciously taking inspired action daily. Back each mundane task with the same fierce passion that ignited your work. When you infuse your passion into the present moment, you invite the force of energy to work through you—and, in effect, you can expand time. Things get done, deadlines get met, and your work has an impact. Make inspiration your business partner.

Four: Create Community

Interpersonal relationships are the greatest catalyst for creating a movement. In 2008, before my first book came out, I felt overwhelmed by the emails I received. I deeply wanted to serve each person who sought help, but I didn’t have the bandwidth. I meditated on it and my inspiration spoke through me, saying, “Create a social networking community.” Within a month I set up [LINK TO:] Today, nearly 18,000 members work together to inspire, empower and connect with one another. This community has greatly helped me carry my message and serve at a higher capacity. Engage your local or online communities to help you carry out your work. You’ll be amazed by the response to your call to action.

Now is the time to get seriously passionate about your work and seriously unapologetic about your capacity to earn money by doing what you love. Cheers to your success!

This past weekend sitting on the beach I hear the clicking of a camera. I look up and realize that my friend had snapped a funky angled picture of me in a bikini. My kneejerk reaction is to wrestle the camera out of her hands and delete the photo. In that moment I witness all of my old body image issues resurface before my eyes.

No matter what shape or size we are, getting into a bathing suit can be traumatic. With several pool parties and beach days ahead we must face these feelings in order to truly enjoy the summer. To help you overcome your own insecurities I’ve outlined three steps for a healthy beach body image.

Step One: Looking Hot is an Inside Job

We all come in a different and unique packages. Accepting what you have is a key component to a healthy body image. Take time to focus on the good stuff and celebrate what you love about your body. Think of the strength in your legs that allows them to climb the steps to the train each morning, or those toned arms that can juggle groceries and a baby. If you embrace the gifts you’ve been given you’ll focus less on what you think you don’t have. The sexiest people are those who exude inner beauty and confidence. The more comfortable you are with what you have the more happy you will feel and the more attractive you will become.

Step Two: Get Moving
Whenever I do some kind of exercise before heading to the beach I always feel more confident in my bikini. Not only does physical exercise immediately tone your body but it also makes you feel great about yourself. If you tend to be uncomfortable getting into your bathing suit make sure to get some exercise before you hit the beach.

Step Three: Beach in Good Company
One of the best ways to feel confident in your bathing suit is to be around people who make you feel good about yourself. Become more mindful of the company you keep and hang with good folks on the beach. Kind, non-judgmental friends will make you feel safe regardless of how little you may be wearing.

Practicing these three-steps will soften your insecurities and raise your beach body confidence.

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