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I’m thrilled to share an awesome blog written by one of my spiritual running buddies, Amanda Berlin. In this blog Amanda shares her experience of the new zeitgeist of women seeking happiness and community! Enjoy…

Lady Gaga has her little monsters. The Grateful Dead gave rise to Deadheads. They are less like a fan club and more like a culture. Gabrielle Bernstein, motivational speaker and best-selling author, has fostered a community of Spirit Junkies, inspired by the title of her 2011 release of the same name. In a world dominated by competition, in a culture overrun by gossip and cattiness, the community of Spirit Junkies that convenes on is supportive and forward-thinking. The social network of nearly 17,000 women offers the opportunity to network, blog, and form groups around shared interests.

HerFuture gives nutritionists, fitness pros, life coaches, communication experts, writers and seekers of all kinds the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women with the goal of giving and receiving emotional support, motivation, and a whole cheer squad worth of encouragement. As with any kind of challenging work, a community makes it easier. And perhaps most surprising, this group of women is widely drama-free.

Hundreds of new members sign up each week and they are joining groups – on HerFuture they are called Power Posses – like Career Connection, which has more than 1500 members and offers the opportunity to network, post a job, look for a job, or share job-seeking tips. There’s also a posse called Shared Prayers. As a community tuned to developing a spiritual practice as a means to lasting peace of mind, Shared Prayers offers the women on HerFuture the opportunity to share their healing intention and allow the group to “send collective love and light to those in need.”

The All Access posse is the only subscription-based group on the site. The content is elevated by select offerings from Bernstein and a different handpicked expert each month. Videos from lectures that usually sell for upwards of $12 on Bernstein’s site are offered as part of the subscription as well as original tracks of her life-altering meditations. In addition, the posse also receives a bonus gift from a stable of experts. Motivational powerhouse Danielle LaPorte was the featured expert in April. Ahead of her widely anticipated book launch, LaPorte offered the All Access community a piece of content that sold for nearly $150 on her site. For All Access, members pay a flat fee for a year that amounts to less than $9.99 a month. In this posse, like the others, conversations emerge based on the work the women are doing inspired by the featured monthly content.

HerFuture was recently cited by as representing the future of social networking, offering users the experience of being guided through transformation by way of a common philosophy. It’s free to join the HerFuture community but the value of being privy to the insight, support, and inspiration offered by this community of women is invaluable.

Amanda Berlin
is a writer and life coach. Visit to join the community. Click here to learn more about All Access. Click here to learn more about Gabrielle Bernstein.

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