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As I look outside at the trees with their leaves turning red,orange, and yellow; I just want to cry.  I am so NOT ready for winter.  I want the flowers to keep blooming and the sun to keep warming my […]

We went to the county fair last week and got there before the rides opened up.  There sat the lonely Ferris-wheel spinning around without anyone on it.  It was being faithful to provide the ride it’s passengers desired, but alas […]

I just came from buying groceries.  I have spoken several times to one of the cashiers about our church food pantry.  Today she asked if she could make a cash donation to me to buy food for the pantry.  Finding […]

Do you know the difference between being ignorant and being just plain stupid?  I don’t make a practice of calling people either one, although I know those who, by definition, are both.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary one who considered ignorant […]

Imagine these lovely roses being cut and chopped off.  Do you think this is an enjoyable experience?  If plants felt pain, I bet it would hurt.  Try pressing a pruning shears against your skin and see what it feels like.  […]

We all need water to live.  We can only last a few days without it.  Our gardens and flowers are the same. God’s word says a lot about the cleansing effect water can have.  We take showers to get clean […]

Today we celebrate the winning of our independence  from England.  We all know the history here, the declaration of independence, the unfair taxes placed on the colonies, the Revolutionary War that finally brought us our freedom.  Today we enjoy the holiday […]

It never ceases to amaze me how all the drabness of Winter turns into beautiful new life in the  Spring.  All the old deadness and ugliness suddenly changes with the hope of warm weather.  These weeping cherry trees show the […]

In our pursuit of our destiny, we must be open to try new things.  How else will we know what is our passion is and what talents and giftings we have?  A person who goes to church every time the […]

I think we all start out with the intention to serve God with all our hearts.  We make a commitment to yield ourselves; body, soul, and spirit.  But something often happens as we pursue our dreams and ambitions, and we […]