Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I shared with you that I have a cat. Everyone says she is “fat”. I say she just has sort legs. She is a good companion though lately when I’m away she likes to get up on my bed which she knows she is not supposed to do. Or she, like Goldilocks, tries out every bed and every chair. It wouldn’t be so bad but she shed! Big time. She is great and I wear a lot of black. I sue a lot of that sticky roller stuff!

Anyway, each morning when I get up she is waiting outside my bedroom door. I guess she hears the water running in my bathroom and knows I am awake. So she wait until I open the door. She has trained me to feed her first. She get 2/3 c. of weight control, indoor-cat, cat food. And I add 3 “treats” to her bowl. Plus I freshen her water. Once she has that she comes back to my room to stretch out on my rug and take her morning bath and siesta.

If the sun is up, she finds a sunny spot on the rug and luxuriates in that spot. One morning recently she settled down in a spot by my front door. I was just a narrow spot of sunlight. She seemed happy. But my room had a large sun-bathed spot – she chose to ignore it.

Isn’t that true of us?  At least of me. I am so easily satisfied with a small part of God’s blessing when He has given me everything to enjoy. I live as if He is a stingy God. He isn’t – He is lavish, abundant, exuberant, extravagant, generous, prodigal. Prodigal? That’s a word we think doesn’t belong there. We’ve always heard of the “Prodigal Son” and he was rebellious. Well, “prodigal ” means: wastefully or recklessly extravagant, giving profusely, lavishly abundant… Pastor Tim Keller has a book titled, The Prodigal God. It’s true. God is a prodigal God.

Next time yo see a sunrise or sunset, think of that. Next time you hear the chorus of birds in the morning, remember that. When you examine a flower blossom closely, remember how lavish God is.

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