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Via Jonah Lehrer, here’s a Vanity Fair excerpt from Michael Lewis’s new book, in which a one-eyed California man who always thought his social awkwardness was due to his partial blindness, and who stumbled into becoming a very rich investor. […]

Tired of the epistemic closure discussion? Me neither. A Texas reader sends along this post from the excellent science writer/blogger Jonah Lehrer, who discusses how becoming enculturated within a particular group involves epistemic closure. Excerpt: The process of enculturation doesn’t […]

John O’Sullivan, commenting on Gordon Brown’s gaffe: What makes this much more than simply embarrassing for Labour is that it illustrates the private contempt of Left elites for ordinary Labour voters, with their old-fashioned patriotic and conservative social prejudices on […]

A Canadian oil spill expert tells the BBC today that the Louisiana oil spill is going to dwarf the Exxon Valdez disaster, and with the possible exception of the Kuwait oil field fires following the first Gulf War, will be […]

Religion scholar Stephen Prothero says what really needs saying more often. Excerpt: No one argues that different economic systems or political regimes are one and the same. Capitalism and socialism are so self-evidently at odds that their differences hardly bear […]

At Commonweal’s blog, former Newsweek religion writer Kenneth Woodward let’s the Times have it, comparing the newspaper to a religion. Excerpt: Again like the Church of Rome, the Times exercises a powerful magisterium or teaching authority through its editorial board. […]

My Templeton colleague Dave Thomas notes that even computers need a “Sabbath” (i.e., time to rest), but people these days seem to think there’s something wrong with rest. Excerpt: This is compounded by an always-on society. The ability to be […]

The Greek economic crisis is quickly spreading. Today, Spain’s debt was downgraded, which is a much bigger deal than Greece’s woes. But Greece is loping steadily toward sovereign default. A Greece rescue plan is said to cost a staggering 100 […]

Meet Gillian Duffy, a genial grandmother who is quickly becoming a British media sensation, thanks to PM Gordon Brown’s being nice to her face, then calling her a “bigot” behind her back — forgetting that he was wearing a live […]

I was listening this morning to a segment on NPR’s Morning Edition in which two music commentators discussed the music of a female rapper named Niki Minaj. I found Minaj’s music to be ugly and unlistenable, but I think that […]