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Further to the discussion on epistemic closure, consider science blogger Jonah Lehrer’s post about poker faces and brain testing. Excerpt: The larger lesson is that the brain can’t escape its embodiment. Even abstract information – and what’s more abstract than […]

Well, I’ve been to two tai chi classes so far, and I’m really liking it. The moves look so easy when you watch others do them, but they’re not easy at all, at least not if you are as physically […]

Hey, how about this, from Scientific American?: Eat less saturated fat: that has been the take-home message from the U.S. government for the past 30 years. But while Americans have dutifully reduced the percentage of daily calories from saturated fat […]

This item about a Benedictine nun drawing spiritual lessons from cheese-making might just be the Platonic ideal of a Rod Dreher blog post. Excerpt: Mother Noella began her presentation with a slide of a gold-gilded icon of St. Benedict beholding […]

I finally got around last weekend to listening to a recent This American Life broadcast about the NUMMI plant. Here’s the promo text: Host Ira Glass introduces the story of the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., aka NUMMI. In 1984, […]

Patrick Deneen caught the Off Broadway revival of “Our Town,” and had some thoughts upon leaving the theater. Excerpt: The juxtaposition of Grover’s Corner and New York captures the essence of two different worldviews. In the one, the challenge of […]

My friend Chuck Bloom down in Texas sent this to me over the weekend. It got to me, as you might well imagine: Chalk this one up to another Ruthie Leming victory. Here in Dallas, there is a well-known Celtic […]

Here’s a NASA shot of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, as seen from space: This shocked me. I had no idea it was so large. Where is that oil going to go when it hits shore? Louisiana? Mississippi? Alabama? […]

OK Mister Global Warming, it’s one thing when you cause glaciers to melt, threaten piddly Pacific islands with inundation, and promising a future of bleak migration and misery for millions, but when you start threatening Your Working Yuppie Boy’s wine […]

In response to my post last week about epistemic closure, the blogger Anonymous Liberal, whom I questioned in the post, has responded. Here’s part of what he wrote: Similarly, there is a major difference between someone who makes a real […]