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I dropped by a colleague’s office today carrying a copy of a new Oxford University Press book, “Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think,” by Elaine Howard Ecklund. “Have you seen this?” I asked her. “It’s really great.” “You know,” […]

A report from Venice, La, a fishing center and ground zero for the fight to save the coast from the oil slick. Meanwhile, a friend in south Mississippi just e-mailed: I just finished my lunch of boiled crabs and beer, […]

Meera Subramanian writes about an unusual problem adherents to the Parsi faith (modern Zoroastrians) in India are confronting. Excerpt: In a ritual so old it was described by Herodotus, Zoroastrians have laid out their dead atop Towers of Silence to […]

With Elvis too! How did we ever live without the Internet? And how did I ever live without The Browser?

Did you read Steve Jobs’ letter explaining why he’s down on Adobe’s Flash? I got bogged down and bored by it. But this analysis by Charlie Stross is anything but boring. Excerpt: If you’re using an iPad in 2015, my […]

Via Andy Revkin’s blog, a Drexel University professor speculates as to how the rolling disaster unfolding in the Gulf will play out: This could have an enormous political impact. That type of spill size will eventually reach recreational areas, and […]

A fellow Bayou State expat sends along this editorial from today’s Times-Picayune, concerning drive-thru daiquiri bars. When I was courting my Texan wife, and told her about these fine institutions in my home state, she thought I was joking. She […]

A mom is fed up with how communications technology affects her teens and their friends. Excerpt: All this communication gadgetry is causing obsessive-compulsive behaviors, giving people control over another’s whereabouts that astonishes me. More frightening is puberty–especially for girls. One […]

Philip Jenkins forecasts that the abuse scandal is going to change the Catholic Church — by turning it upside down, demographically. Excerpt: Some media commentators are even asking if the Church can survive the crisis. But most evidence suggests that […]

Last night I was reading a chapter of a book on mysticism and physics, and in this chapter the author described Chinese religious and philosophical thought as taking place between the poles of Taoism and Confucianism. This point was actually […]