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What are we about in this life?  How do we grapple through the daily process of building the Kingdom of God when we may not see the work completed?  Should we even try?  Are you a worker bee or a […]

I stood in the middle of my kitchen with tears streaming down my face.  In my hands is a Federal Express envelope from Bank of America. Dear Ms. Warrick, We have a new program based on a settlement that was […]

Lots of web sites have suggestions about how to recycle old bras and panties into all sorts of interesting items. One suggests that as long as we are wearing clean underwear, we will never be without a coffee filter (No, […]

Why is it life that we want? A potentially simple question has dramatic repercussions in Mary Gordon’s novel of faith and forgiveness, “Pearl.” Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton as they discuss issues like forgiveness, the act of witnessing and […]

Your mountain is part of the natural nature.  It ascends you to greater heights.  It shows you new direction.  It keeps you still.  What is your mountain showing you?  Is it time to climb upward and see horizons of beauty […]

Faith vs. intellectualism. Screamers vs. Silents. The world of faith is full of contradictions and questions. Owen Meany, protagonist of John Irving’s spririted novel, dares to ask the tough questions. Listen as Alice and Lori navigate the answers! LISTEN NOW!

My mother talks in a string of wisdoms…..  Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill is a favorite.  So the second part of Loving Your Mountain is to weigh the true importance of what it is you are […]

This morning I woke up early. I have been on the phone ever since. Many, many mountains are showing their beauty this morning. So… are you loving your mountains? Awhile ago Spirit guided me on how to become one in […]

I just completed my second garage sale as I prepare to move into the unknown. I live in Las Vegas, at least for now. I am short selling my home with no idea of where I am going, how I […]

This view of the Holocaust through the eyes of a howler monkey and a donkey will challenge your moral perceptions. What is repentence? How can a person achieve it? And how can we discuss — even honor — the horrors […]