values and societyI think of myself as a woman of the times, a 21st Century grandmother as my grandson calls me. Some of my values and ethics, however, are of yesteryear. I believe in values and in the laws that societies are built on.

Unfortunately, society is getting further away from those fundamentals, and I am sorry to say that today’s world is more negative than positive. It seems unfair that our innocent grandchildren are being exposed to these times.

Which road they take depends on their parents, their peers and their grandparents (especially us, grammas). We are the stabilizers. We are the mix of the old and the new.

We should talk to our grandchildren about their heritage, a.k.a. their beginnings. We should talk about how families in those pioneering days did not feel entitled, how they were challenged and how they met those challenges. Ask your grandkids to live the VALUES of their forefathers. Encourage them to challenge themselves in their education, their work ethics, their friendships, their loyalties, etc.

How do you combat today’s serious moral and ethical problems that our grandchildren are facing or will be facing? Please share, because I know grammas will appreciate each other’s points of view and suggestions.

Do something GOOD today: Share how you keep yourself and family members value-strong, and add your comments below.

Gramma Good

gramma good


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