On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

Usually it’s alpha mare bellowing and kicking alpha gelding. Not last night.

The bellowing turned frantic. Man-Son flew out of bed and ran barefooted to the corral. He yelled to let the horses know he was there.

Situation: a fog had settled. Gelding, fenced off separately, could not see the other two horses. He was anxious initially; then hysterical.

The other horses huddled together, quietly hiding at the far end of their pen. They turned a deaf ear to the gelding.

Horses, herd animals, require the company of other horses. Perhaps one of the functions of animals is to show us ourselves.

We want to make a positive impact on our fellow man. Daniel Pink’s Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us shares scientific studies revealing that one of our fundamental motivations is purpose—making a difference. We want to know in the end that we made life better for others.

We also need aid from people to develop our potential and find opportunities. Others help us become our best selves.

But what if people are distant and uncaring? Turning a deaf ear?

There’s a way to break through, turn this around: Give what you need.

In need of encouragement? Encourage.

Need guidance, know how? Give gentle instruction to another.

In need of assurance that what you do matters, makes a difference?  Look around you. Who can you assure, give a thoughtful compliment, thank?

 Who can you look in the eye? Give a “thumbs up?”

Give what you need—generously.

 It will come back to you.

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photo credit: Swansea photographer (creative commons)

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