On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

There’s a lot going on. Even country living isn’t simple.

Every day I face:

–Unexpected problems: The gelding and mare are kicking each other again. Through the fence meant to separate them.

–Family responsibilities: Could you feed the dogs this morning?

–Text and voice messages: An old friend wants to stay in touch.

–Invitations: This writing contest pays $300 to the winner.

–Offers: Her next book releases September 30. Buy it now for 30% off.

–Professional upkeep: A contact emails me updated contact info. He is now VP at a competitor. A former coworker asks for my help..

–The examples of amazing people: How does Seth Godin manage to blog every single day?

 But none of this is my life.

A deep-sea diver knows that storm waves crashing his boat are on the surface. He finds calm by diving deeper.

 I must go below the clashing, crashing voices threatening to steer me away to ports not my own.

I quiet my mind and heart. Imagine floating downward to the bottom, to what is fundamental: my work, my message, my cause and my call.

There I find the calm center where I belong. I can see what to do.

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photo credit: gnews pics (creative commons)

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