On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

Sidelined. Thoughts swirl:

I’m getting nowhere

I’ve got too many strikes against me

You have to have money to make money

There are so many people who do this and better than me. Why try?

I’m not included, not part of the club

 You’ve stumbled into “no man’s land” where maintaining the status quo is all you can do—if that. It’s death by isolation and inertia.

You must get up and out into the action. There is a way to all the excitement, relationships, helping others and accomplishments you’ve ever dreamed of…


To be humble does not mean to put yourself down or hide your talents. Humility is childlike wonder at:

1) The inexhaustible amount of amazing things there are to learn.

2) The endless number of wonderful people willing to share with you what they know. (People like to do this.)

3) Then choosing to be a student, to be teachable.

It requires making an adjustment in how you think:

–From self-rejection to acceptance

–From judgment to openness

–From needing to be in charge to enjoying being part of the team

–From sitting off by yourself to asking,

May I join in the game?  And,

Will you teach me how to play?


Do it now. Get off the bleachers. Pick up the phone. Send the email.

Get into the action–in life.


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photo credit: evildan2 (creative commons)

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