On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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A life journey does not unfold in a straight line; the route is often circuitous and sometimes requires an abrupt stop in order to discern the next steps. -Debbie Kirk Wide Open Spaces: Women exploring call through stories and reflections […]

Your Gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others. Why find and use it? Four reasons: 1) To start down this Gift-giving path is to turn toward God and the truth you’ve been created and for a […]

Usually it’s alpha mare bellowing and kicking alpha gelding. Not last night. The bellowing turned frantic. Man-Son flew out of bed and ran barefooted to the corral. He yelled to let the horses know he was there. Situation: a fog […]

There’s a lot going on. Even country living isn’t simple. Every day I face: –Unexpected problems: The gelding and mare are kicking each other again. Through the fence meant to separate them. –Family responsibilities: Could you feed the dogs this […]

In my armed chair at my computer to write. I go inward seeking a flame…smoldering embers… a spark at least. Words to keep your heart and mine burning. My blog title is On Fire: finding your gift and using it! […]

I thought life would get easier. More under control. Finally the time would come when I could freely and happily do what was most important—give back to God by giving my Gift. But it didn’t happen—the part about life getting […]

Have you stopped dreaming? You no longer: –Draw amazing possibilities in your imagination? –Invent solutions? –Craft new ways to communicate your idea? –Scheme work-arounds? –Imagine what your key relationships could be if you went back at it? –Wish for the […]

Sidelined. Thoughts swirl: I’m getting nowhere I’ve got too many strikes against me You have to have money to make money There are so many people who do this and better than me. Why try? I’m not included, not part […]

I couldn’t see wasting two weeks…creating a novella I didn’t like and wouldn’t be able to sell. So I threw it away.            The next night, when I came home from school, Tabby had the pages. She’d spied them while emptying […]

I have a Gift. So do you. My Gift could be described in a number of ways, but at its most basic level, it has to do with uncovering the uniqueness in people and helping them see it for themselves. […]