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April 2008 Archives

Finally!  I’ve been watching this kid’s videos all year….(he’s doing a dance a day…he’s up to 357)  and finally some Velvet Underground.   This guy is taking 365 portraits….I was 337.  I think I look tired and perplexed, but […]

So I’m doing my Monday post a tad early this week, because I need to nap and catch up on a few weeks lost sleep. Then I need to go to my friend Evan’s passover seder, which is probably going […]

Now that I know everyone’s top ten albums, what about books? If I was packing and could only bring ten books, I’d pick the following…wrapped in sheets of poems numerous as styrofoam peanuts, of course… (Rilke! Rumi! Sexton! Whitman! the Beats!) […]

As mentioned by I.D. Project Board Member and all-around homie Jerry in class on Monday Night, the video and story: “This is the video from Beijing to the song that my boyfriend [wrote in NYC] in 2002. The song is […]

Hey Everyone… I just saw this amazing movie/documentary called “The Dhamma Brothers”. It is the story of the Alabam prison system introducing intensive Vipassana meditation retreats into their prisoner treatment programs. I had seen “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” which is […]

It’s a rare day that things in the office where I work are slow, but this week couldn’t be more dead. My boss is at the London Book Fair. Her assistant is “busy” re-naming files on our network drive. And […]

I was in Memphis this weekend, teaching meditation workshops with Mr. David Nichtern. A lot of folks in Memphis are into meditation, so that was super inspiring. Who woulda thought? I’m not going to do another political post until after […]

I’m a buddhist, yeah, but I’ve been a sports fan longer. And as uncommon as sports talk seems to be among buddhists, I’m gonna indulge. I know, I know, everyone tunes out and goes to the cushion, thinking lofty thoughts […]

Now that I’m working with elementary school girls, I’m immersed in current girl culture, where tamogochis have been replaced by Miss Bimbo and Barbie looks wholesome next to Bratz. For those out of middle school, Miss Bimbo is an online […]

I was going to post a blog consisting of a mixtape tracklist I made to accompany a short story I wrote, “Northern,” out now in issue 33:2 of the New Orleans Review, because this blog has had its share of […]