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So I’m doing my Monday post a tad early this week, because I need to nap and catch up on a few weeks lost sleep. Then I need to go to my friend Evan’s passover seder, which is probably going to be about 60% hardcore traditional seder, 30% hipster reverie, and 10% Buddhist infusion.
I thought I’d throw a few short things at you excellent excellent people. You can throw them back if they wriggle too much.
1) Swami Nichtern political predictions: Clinton wins Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday by 6 points, makes hardly any dent in delegate situation, then loses both NC and Indiana on May 6, and drops out on May 8, giving Obama a suddenly glowing endorsement and eventually becoming Senate majority leader.
2) A link to the online version of the article I wrote that just came out for Kripalu Magazine, “The Psychology of Ecology” is up HERE. Apparently they print about 300,000 copies of it, which sort of makes me want to hide. I think there are also almost 19,000 copies of One City in print. Makes me feel oddly naked, like there’s hundreds of thousands of paperdoll versions of me running around and mingling drunkenly without my say-so. Next time around I’m just going to publish ranting manifestos on the backs of cocktail napkins. No more than 20 copies, max. Let me know what you think, since the article’s sorta what the whole I.D. Project is about. I really don’t like writing nonfiction, but people keep telling me to, so I do.
3) And now, something I just found a few days ago. Seriously, I didn’t even know this man had a website. It is definitely a Moment of Zen. He’ll be at the IDP on Wednesday May 14, for a Guest Lecture Entitled “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” Seriously, that’s the title. He’s a weirdo.
4) Dean Sluyter will visit the IDP for a Guest Lecture this Wednesday April 23. Jessica says he’s great, and I believe her.
Now, Time To Rock The Pesach!
Photo Updates:

A Rousing Good Time had by all. Much vino, much laughter, much singing in Hebrew. I gotta say though, let’s not forget that the Egyptians had Buddha-Nature too.

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