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Your brain is fried, you’ve tried meditating or working out at your desk but it’s no use – the weekend looms like a beautiful giant rainbow of free time and you want out of the office. Stop straining and enjoy […]

By Stillman Brown I have a recurring phenomenon that arises when I’m meditating: my vision becomes slightly blurry and everything in my field of sight is tinged in white, like the shapes in my room are covered in downy white […]

TED, the same series that brought the fabulous Jill Bolte Taylor lecture (scroll down below for vid and discussion), has just released a new slideshow lecture with Al Gore, arguing that global warming might be happening even faster than we […]

So I was guest lecturing Friday night in Bloomfield NJ at the home of Jessica Rasp’s lovely Grandma (she has a regular series about once a month where about 25 folks show up to hear a Buddhist lecture and discussion), […]

My new favorite art site: Wants for Sale Two nyc artists, Christine and Justin, started painting pictures of things they wanted. Visualizing, them, as it were, on canvas. Then they started selling those paintings for the exact price of that […]

  Sorry I have been MIA.  I have not been sitting down much, at a computer to write or a cushion to meditate.  What I have been doing is moving like a treadmill-girl, mostly on incline.  But this weekend I’ve […]