On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Billboards use Obama’s face to stir abortion debate

The billboards are quite startling: The profile of Barack Obama gazes upon the words: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.”

Bilboards began going up Tuesday around Chicago

Thirty signs began going up around Chicago on Tuesday. Why?

“Our future leaders are being aborted at an alarming rate,” Life Always, Inc.,  board member Derek McCoy explains. “These are babies who could grow to be the future Presidents of the United States or the next Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington or Maya Angelou.”


As might be expected, Planned Parenthood is furious.

Earlier this year, Life Always posted a large banner in a Manhattan neighborhood with the image of an African-American child and the words “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

Manhattan billboard sparked protests, was taken down


Civil rights activist Al Sharpton denounced the New York billboard, saying it “depicted black women in an unfair way.” Planned Parenthood called it “an offensive and condescending effort to stigmatize and shame African-American women, while attempting to discredit the work of Planned Parenthood.”

Life Always says the billboards alert the public that a “black genocide” is occurring through legalized abortion-on-demand.

Supportive black leaders were on hand Tuesday for the first billboard’s unveiling, including former 2nd Congressional district GOP candidate Rev. Isaac Hayes, the Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Rev. Derek A. McCoy and Pastor Stephen Broden, an anti-abortion activist who ran for office as a Republican in Texas last year.


Earlier billboard warned of "black holocaust"

The group has conducted similar campaigns in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout Texas. Protests over the Manhattan billboard featuring the little girl resulted in the billboard coming down after less than 24 hours, but brought millions of dollars worth of media coverage as well as nationwide attention to the campaign.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Mil

    In one breath we have all of the minority teen age pregnancy and in the other breath they’re killing babys what an idiot.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Saint Maurice

    Well it’s true .Abortions is the biggest killer of Black people in America today. It’s not black on black violence in the streets, murderous police, the kkk , nazi’s , high blood presure, none of that!
    It’s abortions. little Black America babies, aborted, murdered by their own. I pray to GOD to reverse this statistic, bye the divine power in the holy sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ML

    There are many complex issues being discussed here. However, as with all things, the Bible, which is God’s Holy Truth, simplifies things for us.

    #1 – There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and who follow His teaching out of love and obedience to Him, not out of some some social, political, and/or financial agenda; and those who don’t.

    Skin color, so called ‘race’, ethnicity, culture, etc. – none of that will matter in the end. What will matter is that as a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ i.e. – as a Christian – you repented of your sins, you did not commit the same sins again, and that you LOVINGLY (I can’t stress this part enough, everything must be done out of Love) lead others to developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, so they can do the same.

    #2 – Sin is sin. All sin, unrepentant, will send you to hell.

    I find it odd, that for all the people claiming to be Christians, and to be up in arms about abortion are not addressing the real cause of it: The sins of fornication and adultery.

    Let’s be real people, the Bible is very clear on this, sex, outside of marriage, is a sin. Period. It doesn’t warrant any further discussion or debate.

    We, as individuals; as parents; as members – and/or – leaders of our communities, rather that is the Black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian community, or whatever; and most importantly as Christians, need to address the root of the abortion problem, which is pre- and extra- marital sex.

    By committing this sin ourselves, and allowing the enemy, i.e. Satan, to gain a foothold in our lives through that sin, WE, as so called Good Christians, have allowed the sins of fornication and adultery to become accepted, expected, even celebrated in our society.

    As a result STDs, divorce, proverty, and HUMAN genocide via abortion run rampant throughout our society …

    and God weeps, while Satan rejoices.

    The only way that will change is if We decide to change it. Repent of the the sins of fornication and adultery. Teach our children not to commit the sins of fornication and adultery, and allow them to see that we practice what we preach in our daily lives. Go to churches that preach against it while simultaneously forgiving and helping people who have committed these sins WITHOUT judging them. (As Stillblessedregardless pointed out, God forgives. He also forgets. Act 3:19 says that if you repent, your sins will be blotted out. If God blots them out who are we, as men, to bring them back up again?)

    Elect and hold our leaders up to the same moral code. Actively work to repeal laws that make these sins and their fruit easier to commit. Stop voting for, paying, and socializing with people whom you know are sleeping around on their wives with their secretaries! Women, stop pursuing married men! Stop sinning! As so many people have pointed out, Jesus said, “Go and sin NO more.” He didn’t say, “Sin, repent, repeat”!

    And most importantly, Pray! Pray for forgiveness for ourselves individually, our society collectively and our children since they are our future. Pray that they will be the generation that turned away from sin and towards God with strong moral convictions AND practices.

    It will only way to solve the abortion problem, in any of our communities, will to be to address the roots and to solve the sin problem.

    Everything else, race, money, vulgar advertising campaigns, are immaterial.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Saint Maurice

    Oh Yeah , anyway I do like and appreciate the bill board. It was brave, but very necessary.
    BLACK PEOPLE! You thought the rough side of the mountain was rough?
    Well GOD told me to tell You ! If you don’t stop killing those babies, your all going to burn in the lowest hottest part of HELL! NINJA’S


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment mart

    why should we teach, “take a pill, use a condem, whatever it takes”?
    What about “you are bought with a price, you are not your own”…. we should be teaching abstaining and remaining a virgin until you are married!!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment alan

    AMinister – I understand your point about personal choice, and you being against abortion makes you against abortion. The term pro-choice is a less offensive term than pro-abortion, and yes, they do mean the same thing. Our President might say he is against abortion but he also supports abortion rights. There is an obvious contradiction here. Pro-choice is not about choice, it’s merely a softer way of saying I support a person’s right for abortion, which is about abortion. Personal choice is different than a political movement disguised as a choice. Legality is irrelevant as well as what is legal doesn’t constitute moral, which is more focused on a Higher Power. I understand “who’s god’s morality”, the semantics and word smith-ing that revolves around this issue, which is all, again, irrelevant. My challenge would be to take the money from the system, from Planned Parenthood, from the politicians who receive funding from these organizations, make abortion free and non-profitable, and I feel confident that this issue will quietly fade into oblivion.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Be more Responsible!!

    why cant people understand that they need to be more considerate when making choices. Why should people even have to consider an abortion if they would just take care of themselves!! What is going on with America!! Why is there so many teen pregnancies, why is there so much crime. Why is the next generation so angry. Well if we actually stopped and thought about what we were doing and realized that we have to be responsible for our actions and that we will be held accountable for our actions on judgement day then abortion wouldn’t be such a big issue just like many other things that are seen to be morally wrong. It’s a shame. Us Americans consider our selves one of the greatest if not the greatest country in the world and yet we are the most ignorant and selfish!! it’s all about “Me, Me, Me!” Like i said before, if those women and men becuz it takes two, stopped and thought for one second on how having sex could change their lives and made a smart, common sense choice, then they wouldn’t have to be trying to convince themselves that what they are dong or will do is the best for them. Y becuz they were so inconsiderate that they need to kill their child to not deal with the consequences of their OWN ACTIONS. Like i said common sense. There is no excuse for for making stupid choices. now a days you can go to the clinic and birth control is FREE!!! there is No reason to have an unplanned pregnancy and then KILL your child. And yeah i have heard all the excuses, what about a rape victim, well i am not talking about a victim. i am talking about the majority of women that get abortions and the majority are not rape victims they are just selfish inconsiderate people that all they though about was lust. And yes God does forgive!! But when u Knowingly and Willing go and Commit a sin!! That is just plain out an abomination. Yes we sin every day and most of the time we don’t realize what we do. But having an abortion is a conscious choice to sin and that in my opinion is the worst sin possible! We need to realize that we cant Fool God. We need to call it what it is and weather we make our selves believe that it was the best choice the truth is it isn’t and we will be held accountable.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment g

    ML said:I find it odd, that for all the people claiming to be Christians, and to be up in arms about abortion are not addressing the real cause of it: The sins of fornication and adultery.

    Don’t forget the sin of Rape ML! Don’t forget the sin of mercilessly drug addicted babies ML, they should suffer right and grow up to be drug addicts themselves.

    And don’t forget, who knows what violent murderer, dictator is being aborted this very minute.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment alan

    Wow, G, abortion to kill potential violent murderers and dictators. Sounds like you just gave a license to adapt any belief system to kill anyone or anything, as long as theres a potential for good and to wipe out the bad. Doesn’t quiet sound the same as save a life for potential of good, to honor life, to protect life, to honor God. Are you angry…are you sure you thought that one out…just sayin’

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Barbara

    The one thing that upset me the most is that everthing is about race ,why can’t we see that we are suppose to be one people under God unitfed within one family the human race. Jesus Christ didn’t come to save the color of our skin he came to save all that he created. He didn’t die on the cross to save a black,white,red,yellow,etc race he came to same man kind, what is wrong with us that we just go on with our own lives and see nothing of what is happening around us. These incident babies are part of each and every one of us as a people and to allowed their deaths is wrong it is murder pure murder,
    god forbid what we are allowing to happen. Some day all of us will stand before him and he will asked what did you do to stop this murder of incident babies. What will be your excuse. All i want to hear is well done good and faithful servant. God help us for the blinders that have grown over are eyes and the hands that have covered our ears and the voices that have not spoken up for these babies. I believe the church will be held more accountable, for we knew the word and did nothing.

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