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One question I always want to ask professional writers is about the process of writing for them — when do you write, where do you write, what’s your deskspace like, etc? Since this blog is partially supposed to be about […]

Three weeks ago I shared about how I don’t necessarily heart Valentine’s Day, which — if you keep up with these things — is today. The article I mentioned working on back then has now been published at, so […]

I’ve been keeping up with the Writer’s Guild strike fairly closely over the last three months, primarily because 1) I’m a writer, though I’m not in the guild, and 2) because I seriously wanted to know when I would get […]

I got blog meme-tagged by my Interwebs friend Bryan, so I will hereby follow the rules and tell you some things about myself you didn’t know you wanted to know. The rules are as follows: 1. Link to the person […]

I’m finishing up book #1 in my three-book Pocket Guide deal with Jossey-Bass: Pocket Guide to Sainthood. And there are so many good/weird/funny stories that it was a challenge to keep the book pocket-sized. It seriously could have been called […]

The sporting world has always been enamored of multitaskers. Bo Jackson (Baseball, Football), Joe Gibbs (Football, NASCAR), Bill Belichick (Football, Videography, Fashion). We learned this week that the world of sports blogging also has a few notable multitaskers. And no, […]

I just finished participating in a bit of immersion journalism that’s slated to appear in the May/June issue of Relevant Magazine. For those who aren’t hip with the supersecret writing lingo, immersion journalism is the kind of writing where a […]

By virtue of my background, membership, and my current church attendance (though, perhaps, not my theology), I am a Southern Baptist. Thanks to our Anabaptist heritage — which threw out anything smacking of popishness back in the 17th century — […]

I’m not generally a big Super Bowl watcher. There have been a couple games over the past few years that I didn’t watch at all. Two years ago, my wife and I were in in Las Vegas on Super Bowl […]

This is the last full entry on the survey of translations from Pocket Guide to the Bible. If you missed the earlier installments, here they are up to this point: King James Version Revised Standard Version Jerusalem Bible New American […]