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First of all, happy Leap Day! Did you know that there’s just a .068 percent chance of being born on Leap Day, compared to a .27 percent chance of being born any other day of the year? Around 200,000 leaplings […]

This is the question most often asked of published writers by potential writers: I’ve got a great idea for a book. How do I go about getting it published? (HT: Robert Fortner‘s comment on this post) I wish I had […]

You can only hold onto your personal dignity for so long, and for me, that time has probably come to an end with my answers to the Prayers for Blowouts Sports Survey. Once you read today’s post at this excellent […]

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to do some freelance work for Mike Foster and his innovative culture-challenging, good-doing, non-profit organization, Ethur. One of Ethur’s projects is the Junky Car Club, which is just plain awesome (and […]

A quick thanks to Cameron Reeves and the gracious team at Basilica Church in Canyon, Texas, for inviting me in to speak last night. Basilica is a young church plant with a distinctively progressive, ecumenical outlook, and it’s good to […]

You might have noticed that my books tend to have longish, quirky titles and subtitles. So far in my writing career, I’ve had the luxury of being able to mostly have my way when it comes to book titles, and […]

I want to briefly use this (small, hardly noticeable) platform to call attention to one of my favorite social justice organizations. Healing Waters International is a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides clean water to the urban poor of Guatemala, Mexico, and […]

As promised, I’d like to revisit the previous post about Estus Pirkle’s mind-boggling evangelistic film from the 70s. If you’re anything like me, you go through a multi-stage emotional process when you watch something like “The Believer’s Heaven.” Let me […]

In recent weeks, a really short, low-budget religious film has been making the you’ve-gotta-see-this rounds among cackling irreligious hipsters and flinching people of faith. Written and produced by old-time Mississippi Baptist minister Estus Pirkle, the film is called “The Believer’s […]

I was just introduced to a young but already popular blog, thanks to a tip from my brother. It’s called Stuff White People Like, and it’s either a brilliantly funny model of satire or it’s borderline racist (depending on how […]