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Venus entered Sagittarius today and stays there until November 11th. As with all planetary positions, how this affects you will depend on the individual details of your birth chart. Nonetheless, there is also a certain vibe that that comes with […]

Aquarius is high-minded and likes to live a life uncompromised by mere human failings in pursuit of its goals. Venus is all about the Love, and the little personal touches that make life a better place. What will happen when […]

Last time, I discussed the nature of Libra in general, and more specifically Venus in Libra (CLICK HERE for it). As I pointed out then, Venus transiting through Libra (which it is doing between now and December 4th) is a […]

I know an astrologer — no names! — who never seems to have anything good to say about Libra. According to him/her –no pronouns! — Libra is entirely in charge of things that are surface, dispensable, or somehow not necessary […]

After an unusually long stretch in Leo (much of it retrograde) Venus awakened this morning in Virgo to puzzle over where her money went, how much time she spent on that mechanical bull at the bar, and why her bra […]

Venus is still working away and during her job even when she’s retrograde. She just tends to be focused on her business more than yours. But go ahead, call her for advice anyway… good luck getting an answer though… August […]

“Hath God forgotten to be gracious? Hath he in anger shut up his tender mercies? Selah.” -Psalm 77:9 Venus turns retrograde this Saturday. If you are familiar with the concept of Mercury retrograde, you know that it often a time when […]

Venus is now entering the Sign of Cancer. Venus is the planet most closely associated with the concept of “love.” Since a planet tends to take on the flavor of whatever Sign it is in at the time, before I […]

Last time, we discussed how Venus in Gemini can talk her way into or out of all sorts of situations and how you can use that to your advantage. Today we;re going to have a look at how you can […]

So now that Venus is entering Gemini and leaving Taurus (which it rules) you might think this could affect your love life for the worse. That’s not necessarily so, for three reasons. First of all, you’ve got to keep in […]