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beliefnet lunar eclipse forecast astrology matthew currie(For more about how one can get too carried away about Eclipses, CLICK HERE for my article about the Four Blood Moons prophesy, when the world ended in 2015. You remember when that happened, right?)

There is a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo tomorrow, and as is the tradition with astrology fans everywhere, there’s a bit of panic going around. Let me assure you that there is no cause for alarm.

Sure, Eclipses sets the stage for major and dramatic and unpredictable changes in your life… But is that a reason for distress? Probably not.

First of all, if you are old enough to read this, you have already lived through plenty of Eclipses in your time. In fact, if you are old enough to remember the first few months of 1999, you have already experienced the effects of an Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo. And even if it turns out that was a bad time for you somehow, keep in mind that Eclipses do not work on their own. They are part of a larger picture that includes your planetary transits, and whatever those were back in early 1999, they are different now.

Sometimes in astrology we fall into the trap of thinking that the transits and planetary conditions are dictating to us what must happen. Astrology sets the stage, but ultimately you are the person who takes the actions.

If you need some kind of a breakthrough in your life, taking action around the time of an Eclipse can provide dramatic results. Have a look at your own birth chart and find out which House 11 degrees Leo falls into (and whether or not 11 degrees Leo forms any major aspects to anything important in your chart), and that will give you a clue as to where the energy will be leading you in the next few months.

And of course, as always: if you are uncertain of your future and need some guidance, you can always get a reading from an astrologer. Hey, I know a guy!

For further information on the January 31st Eclipse, please consult this video, which includes a cat. The Internet loves cats.

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