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A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign. That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your planet. Astrology, like life in general, is a lot more complicated than “there are twelve types of people, and here’s what’s going to happen to them today.”

This “horoscope” is a listing of the major planetary aspects, ingresses, and events for February 2018. Each aspect is described below, with the date the aspect is exact and a “+/-” which indicates the number of days that aspect will be most in effect. Generally, the closer to the exact date, the more pronounced the effect of the transit. And of course, as with everything else in life: your mileage may vary.

But first, a word about aspects in general. Conjunctions, squares and oppositions can all be difficult. They generate the sort of energy that can get all up in your face and is hard to ignore, but it’s hard to get much done in life without the raw energy they supply. Trines and sextiles are helpful and constructive, but it’s easy to miss out on the opportunities they provide unless you make an effort.

Feb 3  Mercury sextile Mars
(+/- 3 days) You’re in a hurry to communicate your ideas… maybe you should put a little thought into it to get maximum effect.

Feb 6  Venus sextile Uranus
(+/- 3 days) New and unusual attractions, and new energy to liven up your love life.

Feb 9   Mercury conjunct South Node
(+/- 3 days) Thoughts turn to the past, and those you have deep karmic connections to. Now might be the time to make amends with someone from your past.

Feb 10   Venus enters Pisces
Brace yourself for incoming romantic urges and over-the-top idealism!

Feb 10   Sun square Jupiter
(+/- 3 days) Egos get inflated and possibly a little bruised.

Feb 13  Mercury square Jupiter
(+/- 3 days) You have a lot to say, and important opinions to share. Now, please resist the urge to shout those opinions through a megaphone, okay?

Feb 13  Sun sextile Uranus
(+/- 3 days) Get freaky, get creative, get out and have fun!

Feb 15  Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius
Check back here closer to this date for more details!

Feb 15  Mercury sextile Uranus
(+/- 3 days) New insights and new thoughts fuels you communications. It’s time to innovate.

Feb 15  Venus sextile Saturn
(+/- 4 days) Sweetness and light are great, but they never seem to last long enough, do they? This time, maybe you can make something more solid come of it.

Feb 17  Mercury enters Pisces
A great time for creative thinking, but not so great for filing, proofreading, and old-fashioned logic.

Feb 17  Mars square Neptune
(+/- 6 days) Do you know what the actual source of your annoyance with things is? Probably not as much as you think. Also: beware potentially inappropriate attractions.

Feb 17  Sun conjunct Mercury
(+/- 3 days) You may be having powerful thoughts and ideas, but they may prove difficult to express properly.

Feb 18  Sun enters Pisces
Brace yourself for a month of sensitive and caring drunken birthday bashes!

Feb 21  Venus conjunct Neptune
(+/- 4 days) Love is dreamy! Love is wonderful! Creativity abounds! Now just use a little discernment before you go off and marry someone inappropriate on a whim, okay?

Feb 21  Mercury sextile Saturn
(+/- 3 days) Now is a good time to structure your thoughts and communications and get your act together with your work routine.

Feb 2  Venus square Mars
(+/- 4 days) Sex drives and the urge to socialize are both amplified, but not necessarily in a comfortable or practical manner.

Feb 25  Mercury conjunct Neptune
(+/- 3 days) A great time for meditation, creativity, and abstract thought. A great time for practical communication and application? Not so much…

Feb 25  Sun sextile Saturn
(+/- 3 days) Set aside some time to treat yourself with kindness, in a more structured and constructive manner than usual.

Feb 27  Venus sextile Pluto
(+/- 4 days) The sweet romance of Venus combined with the resolute punch of Pluto makes for potentially powerful romance, affections, and appetites.

Feb 28  Mercury square Mars
(+/- 3 days) Do you really have brilliant insights to share with the world, or are you just ion a mood to shout at someone? Try to know the difference…

Feb 28  Mercury sextile Pluto
(+/- 3 days) …because those thoughts and words of yours are particularly powerful, and used properly they could be brilliant. Misused? You’re just handing out a tongue-lashing.

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