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Oh, Love: so rare, so precious, so damned annoying… at least (potentially) from the perspective of  Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer. Venus in Gemini loves being in love as much as the next guy (and enjoys the chase) but often doesn’t know what to do with it once it has caught it. Venus in Cancer is loving and giving, but let’s be honest — other humans can be a threat, and Crabs have shells for damned good reasons.

Let’s have a look at the basics for Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, and then check out their recent activity on the Internet as they search for love and companionship (in between watching baby goat videos).


The way to your heart is probably through the ears: you love nothing better than someone who can express themselves intelligently. That doesn’t mean you necessarily fall for “fast talkers” …but it happens. A successful relationship requires that someone be able to zoom in on exactly what you want out of it, and that covers a lot of ground with you. Your affections are changeable: hyperactively physical one day, and missing in action the next. Although you may not always have great follow-through in your relationships, you are likely a champion flirt. You probably have a lot of friends, and they are likely a source of drama and jealousy, which can be pretty exciting, so you put up with it. Maybe sometimes you even encourage it. After all, “boring” is a fatal sin in a relationship, right?

“Hey guys! I am a wild and spontaneous thrill-seeker and an old fashioned girl all at once. I enjoy extreme sports and staying at home watching a movie. I believe that the greatest sex is exclusively between two people who love each other, preferably while watching one of the videos I made during my amateur porn career. You should be dedicated to your career (but not a workaholic), love children (but not actually want any), and be willing to entertain me when I’m down (or get the hell out of my way, depending on the mood.) And yes… I DO know what I want. Drop me a line now before I get frustrated and remove my ad. Again.”


People with Venus in Cancer are sensitive, caring, and easily flustered by signs of distance in your partner — unless your partner is getting suspiciously close. This makes you both a real “catch” and kind of hard to handle. It’s a fine line between “a sweetie” and “a sap,” and you can usually be found zipping back and forth across that line. You can be demonstrative and physically affectionate, but sometimes require more reassurance that way yourself than your partner is always able to provide. You are particularly fond of having a comfy home (or an exclusive corner of that home) to retreat to, and sometimes luring you out of that cave can be nearly impossible. Even if you don’t want any of your own, you are probably great with kids. It can take a lot of work for a potential partner to get past your defenses, but you are probably worth the extra effort.

“Greetings. If you are looking for a kind and considerate partner to share the rest of your life with, look no further! I’m looking for someone special to spend quiet quality time with. I want a man who can appreciate a real Woman –maybe not the flashiest girl out there, but a solid bet for the long term. I am intelligent, witty, charming and attractive, and want to find someone to share my life with. Send me a message, and if you can find where I live and convince me to come outside (perhaps for chaperoned antique shopping) I could be the girl of your dreams! That is –if you can find me. I ain’t givin’ it away.”

NEXT TIME: Venus in Leo and Venus in Virgo (or, “Showtime at the Apalled”)

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